The Feminine Genius: Receptivity

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It is really a joy to be kicking off Old Fashioned Girl’s series on the Feminine Genius! I am excited to be writing about receptivity today, so let’s dive right in!

Receptivity is the most foundational of the four aspects of the feminine genius (which are comprised of receptivity, generosity, sensitivity, and maternity). This is because receptivity is the aspect of the feminine genius that we learn first by virtue of our identity as daughters to both our natural parents and our supernatural Father in heaven. In our identity as “daughter” we learn how to receive love. We learn that we are delighted in – that it is enough to simply “be” and to be loved. It is not by our merits that we are loved; we are lovable for the simple fact of our existence. “We are enough.”

It was the love of our father and mother that brought us into the world – not any merit of our own.

It is our Heavenly Father’s love which holds us in existence, for if He were ever to turn away His eye from us, we would cease to exist.


1 John 4:19 sums it up simply: “We love because He first loved us.”

This, in my mind, is the core of receptivity. Learning to receive the vast love of God for you as an individual. Learning to trust His word, that you are enough, no matter what the circumstances. That you are always worth fighting for, that He will always come for you, if you will receive Him and His love.

So why do we say that receptivity is part of the feminine genius? Well, we say this because women are receptive by nature in many ways. For example, we have the desire to be pursued by love, we receive the love of a man in a physical way through marital act, we have the ability to bear new life – our wombs receive and nurture that life, we tend towards hospitality and receiving friends and family into our homes. Everyone has smiled at the little girl who clearly wants and delights in nothing more than the love of her parents. All of us women have been that little girl!

From this receptivity of the Father’s love for us, comes also a receptivity to His will, and doing His will from a place of love.

We see all of these things come together in the witness of the saints, starting with Mary.

Mary’s yes to God’s pursuit of her when He sent the angel Gabriel to her, asking her to be the mother of His Son, sprang from a place of steadfast trust in God’s love for her and an absolute adoring love for Him in return. She could only have said yes to such a big (and probably terrifying) mission if she knew without question God had her back and would never let her down.

The fact that you are reading this right now shows that her “yes” echoed through the ages, being both life-giving and fruitful! And this is the way with God, that when we say yes to Him we are not only getting the benefit of responding to His love for ourselves, but it also spills over to the entire Body of Christ.

I don’t mean to give the impression, however, that receptivity always comes easy. Receptivity can be extremely difficult for me. I’ve had a long road towards learning that I have a Father in heaven who desperately loves me. I still don’t always trust Him completely and I still don’t always get it. But what I have learned is that when I’ve refused to be receptive to His love and His will, choosing my own will or acting out of fear instead, it has ended in heartbreak. When I’ve said yes to Him, no matter how afraid I’ve been when I said it or how bitter it felt to set aside my will, there has been both life and joy in that choice, sometimes in big ways and sometimes in small.

As I’ve thought through receptivity through the lense of my life, a couple of examples spring to mind.

The most special mission I’ve gotten to be a part of thus far in my life came out of what seemed to be a very small and insignificant yes.

I was leaving Mass one Sunday morning 3 years ago. I was fairly new to a renewed faithful and consistent practice of my faith – and feeling very alone in that. As I was trying to take my characteristic quick getaway from church without being seen, a seminarian came out of nowhere, planted himself squarely in front of me, and introduced himself. Now, he was no archangel Gabriel, but he did explain to me that there was a meeting coming up that week of some young Catholics to try to start a young adult group in our town, and would I please come?

Long story short, I went. What came out of responding to that invitation was a gradual taking on of a very instrumental role in starting and expanding our city’s first young adult Catholic community. As the months went by during the course of my time on leadership, new challenges would come up – something new to say ‘yes’ to. One of the biggest for me was leading bible studies, something I was really afraid to do. I felt under-qualified and ill-equipped. But the need was there and the ask was there and I went for it, and it ended up being the most joyous and fruitful part of my ministry.

This was such an exhilarating and life-changing experience for me that really taught me that God is not looking so much for qualifications as He is for love and willingness. In other words, God is really looking for receptive hearts and wills. He is more than capable of providing everything we need for any mission or task put before us, but He won’t do it against our will. Love never forces.

As thankful as I am for the role I got to play in our ministry and the fruit that has come from that, the place where I am most grateful for my feminine knack for receptivity is in the adoration chapel. There is no place on earth more fitted to focusing solely on receiving the love of God than being before the Blessed Sacrament. Being able to draw on the most childlike places of my feminine heart when I am with Jesus in the intimacy of the chapel enables me to simply be with Him, and receive His love. There is nothing more peaceful than when I am able to let go of all of the craziness of my life and just be with Him like a little girl, delighting in being loved by her Father.

O Eternal Word, Word of my God, would that I might spend my life listening to You,

Would that I might be fully receptive to learn all from You;

In all darkness, all loneliness, all weakness,

May I ever keep my eyes fixed on You

And abide under Your great light;

O my Beloved Star, fascinate me

So that I may never be able to leave

Your radiance.

~ St. Elizabeth of the Trinity





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All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day is one of my favorite feasts of the year, because it’s like a giant, communal birthday party for the Church Triumphant, and who doesn’t love birthdays?

Theological musings on whether there is birthday cake in heaven aside, I find this to be a beautiful day to reflect on how incredibly connected we are as Catholic Christians. Our family spans the earth in the Church Militant, Purgatory in the Church Suffering, and Heaven in the Church Triumphant.

An experience on retreat this summer really drove this point home for me, and it remains one of the deepest spiritual experiences I’ve had in 2017.

On my last day of a self-directed retreat at Conception Abbey, MO, I made the short drive over to the monastery of the Benedictine Sisters at Clyde. I had heard incredible things about the beauty of their Adoration Chapel and wanted to check it out (I was certainly not disappointed – you can enjoy a virtual tour of the chapel here). One of the sisters saw me there, open-mouthed and in awe as I prayed in the gorgeous European-style chapel, and asked me if I would like to visit the relic chapel as well. I instantly said yes and she took me within the cloister to the private chapel.


The relic chapel is in part the result of many relics being sent to the US to protect them from the ravages of the World Wars. Because of this the chapel houses around 500 relics of the saints. The sister assured me that I could have as much time as I wanted in the chapel, and left me there alone.

What ensued is best described as a long, personal litany of the saints as I stopped at each relic and prayed before each saint. Entering in to the silence of the chapel as I prayed, both for myself and for the intercession of the patron saints of family and friends, was particularly beautiful as the silence was not empty, but full. I left the chapel feeling both the peace of interior stillness and the deep sense of belonging with the 500 friends I just spoke with so intimately. They are my family.

So on this feast of All Saints’, I encourage you to take time apart from your routine and maybe a few extra minutes of thanksgiving after Mass, and spend some time speaking with the saints who want nothing more than to be an encouragement and guide for us all, so that one day we are also celebrating this feast with them in Heaven (hopefully with cake).

Pax et bonum,


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